Choosing the right material for your commercial carpet

When picking a commercial carpet it’s important to consider which material will best suit your requirements.


Nylon is the best material to choose for an area with considerable footfall. It has outstanding resistance to abrasion and crushing. A solution dyed nylon, where the colour is an integral part of the fiber is resistant to staining and fading. A dense low pile or loop pile carpet is suggested in areas of heavy traffic. In offices and areas with moderate traffic, a cut pile, loop pile or cut and loop would be appropriate. For demanding environments such as educational and healthcare facilities loop pile carpet with a moisture resistant backing or impervious backing will keep liquid spills on top for easy clean up. For a carpet to maintain its new appearance, face weight and density need to be considered during selection process.

Polypropylene (Olefin):

Olefin, typically manufactured in level loop construction, is recommended for low to moderate traffic areas. Olefin has excellent resistance to soil and stain and fading from sunlight. Olefin has a natural resistance to moisture and mildew.


This is a more expensive option and we would recommend use in high profile contract applications such as hotels. As in all carpet, the quality of the wool, the density of the construction and overall integrity of the carpet product will dictate the level in which wool carpet will perform. Many expensive and high performance wool carpets are blended with nylon, normally 80% wool and 20% nylon to increase and enhance performance.

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