Conservatory flooring

If you are thinking about changing your conservatory flooring you need to choose between the different options.

This kind of installation is usually an extension of your garden and outside living space. It often has huge windows and could be use like a second living room, a place for relaxing or a playroom for the kids. Whatever its purpose, when selecting your conservatory flooring it’s worth considering things like the weather (keeping warm in winter and cool in summer), pets, water (from the outside, as well liquids that we can spill) and durability as the room will be a crossing point for reaching the back garden.

Cork floor: is tough, water-resistant, warm to the touch and has natural insulators against the cold. It comes in a variety of colours and is environmentally friendly. Cork floors can be sealed to protect them from water.

Laminate flooring: mimics the look of a traditional wooden floors and is much easier to install. It is also resistant to mould and most don’t fade on exposure to light. Can be cold underfoot, particularly in the winter months but is super easy to maintain and look after.

Carpet: is warm and comfortable underfoot and easy to lay on top of almost any type of subfloor. It’s a suitable choice for a conservatory where children can play. It makes this part of the house cosy and the perfect room to entertain friends and family.

Granite: is very hard and highly resistant and is available in a range of colours, predominantly blues, greys and blacks. This kind of floor is colder than the others, making it ideal for hot summer days. A decorative rug may be need to keep it warm in winter.

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