Finding the correct carpet gripper

Using the correct gripper rod for your carpet is essential.

Pick the wrong one and the carpet may not grip, come away easily and quickly become worn and tatty. Not only will this have financial implications of having to buy and refit the correct carpet gripper rods or even the need for a brand new carpet, but it could also cause an accident. With frayed and curled up edges and the potential for the carpet to move, the likelihood of an accident, particularly in a high foot-fall area, is high.

With so many carpet types from differences in pile thickness, materials and tiles, there are many carpet gripper options to choose from. Our carpet gripper range includes those suitable for heavy stretch installations, for single and double installations and for use on wooden and concrete installations:

Contract gripper: Gripperrods contract gripper is a specialist product for particularly heavy stretch installations. It is 42mm wide and has 3 rows of carpet holding pins compared to the 2 rows in other gripper specifications. It is available in medium pin height only and without floor nails. This allows the fitter to install by nailing or adhering the gripper to the floor, depending on the installation.

Felt backed gripper: Wood Neat Edge (Blind Gripper) enables the installer to create the perfect finished appearance around the wall for single and double stick installations. Based on the Tackfast gripper with dual purpose pre-nails, but no pins.

Tackfast gripper: A dual purpose gripper with pre-nails, and the addition of a long pin to secure the fitting. This type of carpet gripper provides steadfast hold and is most commonly used on heavy duty installations that will receive lots of foot-fall.

For help choosing the correct carpet gripper for you carpet installation project please call 0161 945 3437. We would be happy to guide you and supply you with the right gripper rod for the job.

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