How to care for laminate and wood floors

All flooring is unique and needs to be treated as such. Running a vacuum or mop over a floor will keep it clean but if you really want to look after your floor to keep it in as good a condition as possible you need to use the correct flooring cleaner products.

Although we don’t work with laminate of wood flooring, we know a thing or two about caring for it and supply a number of products to help you look after yours:

Laminate and wooden floors

As with vinyl and lino flooring, laminate and wood floors should be swept to remove loose dirt. Never use polish, varnish or wax as most laminate flooring has a ‘pre-finished wear layer’ which never requires further treatment, only correct cleaning.

Stikatak Laminate Floor Cleaner: Dirt and dust are easily picked up, rubber heel marks and sticky spills removed, leaving no dulling residue. After cleaning no drying time is required and daily use will keep floors clean and prevent dirt building up.

Stikatak Laminate Clean & Shine: No build up of polish, dries to a sparkling shine, and enhances wood grain look. Cleans your laminate floor safely, and the Polymer film protects laminate from wear.

Stikatak Laminate Floor Wipes: One side removes marks, one side gently cleans. Moistened with special cleaning liquid.

We sell products to help you in caring for laminate floors including cleaning liquids, wipes and polishes. If you need any help or advice selecting your product please contact us.

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