How to choose flooring for student accommodation

The summer months offer a chance for student landlords to carry out maintenance and renovation work on their properties.

With most student leasing contracts ending on 1st July, many landlords will now be deciding what work needs to be conducted in their student flats and houses before the new term in September. Over the next few weeks and months landlords and student letting agents will be installing new flooring for student accommodation.

There are many objectives to be met when it comes to sourcing appropriate flooring solutions for this unique accommodation type. Communal areas need to withstand high footfall, entrances be tough to the outside elements and bedrooms offer a ‘homely’ touch.

With so many spaces to consider and each one needing a different finish, we’ve broken it down into a handy guide below:

Communal spaces
Corridors, lounges and kitchens take a lot of wear and tear. Kitchens and lounges tend to be the hub of life and activity in student houses and halls, with most socialising taking place in these spaces. Practical and hard-wearing flooring will be required for these surfaces.
The kitchen will need durable anti-slip flooring such as a robust lino or vinyl tile. The lounge is best suited to a heavy-duty carpet, or carpet tile for ease of installation and replacement. It will also need to be anti-static and stain resistant.

Doorways take a lot of regular footfall and so a tough carpet tile is the ideal solution here. Not only are these areas busy but they are also exposed to dirt and moisture from the outside.
Carpets with a ribbed surface will help to minimise the amount of external elements making it inside the building by trapping fibres and moisture in the ridges. Not only will this help to prolong the life of the flooring itself, but it will also reduce slips and trips caused by wet surfaces.

Bedrooms and personal spaces
As the quality of student accommodation continues to rise, so do expectations for quality furnishings and fittings and flooring is no exception. A ‘home for home’ environment is often sought after, particularly in bedrooms and personal spaces. A soft and comfortable carpet with a thick pile is appropriate here.

The right choice of flooring helps to create the overall atmosphere of a room, ultimately swaying the decision of the customer, or in this case student tenant. Installing more luxury and expensive carpet, amongst other decorative choices, also means you can charge a higher premium rent, therefore giving you a better return on investment.

If you would like further advice as to best flooring types for your student accommodation project please contact us on 0161 945 3437 or fill in the enquiry form below.

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