Office carpet tiles and industrial carpet tiles

Office carpet tiles and industrial carpet tiles provide a non-slip surface for workers.

This can be an important health and safety consideration for workplaces and together with the cushioning that carpet tiles offer when standing and walking, this makes carpet tiles an ideal choice for many places of work. Another health consideration when it comes to industrial carpet tiles or office carpet tiles is their dust-trapping capabilities. Dust particles can act as carriers of germs and allergens. Using carpet tiles helps to keep airborne dust to a minimum and regular carpet tile cleaning ensures that any harmful germs or allergens are harmlessly removed from your work environment.

Carpet tiles are easy to maintain too. A normal routine of regular vacuuming is usually all the care that your office carpet tiles or industrial carpet tiles need to stay in great condition. However the beauty of carpet tiles is that if one becomes stained, rather than having to replace the entire carpet as would be the case if a roll of carpet was used, it is possible to replace just the single carpet tile affected. When buying your office carpet tiles or industrial carpet tiles, it is always advised that you purchase some spare carpet tiles to cover this kind of eventuality. Although industrial carpet tiles are specifically designed to be hardwearing, we recommend purchasing additional industrial carpet tiles just in case any spills or stains cannot be removed by routine cleaning.

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