What different commercial carpet types are there?

Choosing the right carpet for your office, classroom, waiting room, showroom, surgery or any other work space is essential for many reasons.

Practicality is the main factor here; you need to choose the right material, with the right amount of longevity and durability for the area’s use. Heavy footfall areas will require a more robust, tough and durable carpet, corridors and entrances are examples. Where a more relaxing and comfortable environment is sought after, perhaps in a care home or the bedrooms of university student halls, a ticker, softer carpet pile may be appropriate.

Here is our guide to commercial carpet types to help you on your way to deciding on the right carpet for your space. Should you need further help, if you have any questions or would like a quote for commercial carpet fitting please call us on 0161 945 3437.

Loop Pile:

A carpet with face yarns that remain continual loops connected together beneath the backing of the carpet rather than being cut into a plush pile. Loop Pile can be Level, Textured or Patterned.

Cut & Loop:

Carpet with a face pattern, either geometric or made up of lower loop pile tufts set in a field of cut pile. The carpet can be dyed solid, self – tone or multi colour and the pattern can be geometric, floral or random.

Cut Pile:

Carpet construction in which the surface yarns have been cut and made to stand upright side by side so the user walks on the ends rather than the sides of the yarn.

Textured Loop Pile:

Carpet in which the surface yarns remain continual loop, connected together beneath the backing of the carpet. Unlike simple loop pile, the yarns in textured loop pile vary slightly in pile height, producing either a nubby surface or actual pattern.

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