Why choose commercial carpet tiles as your flooring solution?

There are many benefits to using commercial carpet tiles.

Waste: typically there is more waste using a broadloom carpet, especially in irregular sized spaces or where a pattern match is required. Carpet tiles can be 100% recycled. The hard backboard is stripped from the top layer of carpet materials and both parts can, and are at Branagan Flooring Service, responsibly disposed of via the Desso Take Back Scheme.

Maintenance: fitting modular carpet tiles mean if an area gets stained or damaged it can be easily replaced by the end user with another tile. With broadloom carpet tiles, a patch made by a professional carpet installer for a minimum labour charge would be likely to apply.

Installation Savings: open office environments, where the cost of breaking down and resetting of office cubicles can be cost prohibitive, modular commercial carpet tiles are a solution. Not only does the end user save thousands for that service but down time for the business is virtually eliminated. With modular commercial carpet tiles, installations are performed section by section, with minimal work interruption.

If you are considering commercial carpet tiles for your flooring installation, please call us on 0161 945 3437. We would be happy to guide you on the appropriate tile for your space or any questions you may have.

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