Why do I need to use the correct screed and primer?

The quality of any work comes back to its foundations. Get this right and you’re home and dry but if you fail to properly prepare your surface area how can you expect the rest of your efforts to look good?

When it comes to floor laying, of any kind – carpet, lino, vinyl and laminate – the work put in at the beginning is essential. The space needs to be prepared using the correct screed and primer. The market is full of these kind of products so whether you are a professional floor layer, a keen enthusiast or a DIY novice your floor laying project can at least begin the right way.

At Branagan Flooring Services we stock a wide variety of screeds and primers to get your floor laying project off on the right foot including:

Stikatak STK1100 Universal Primer: used to pre-treat internal floors before the application of smoothing compounds.

Ultra DPM IT A: a damp proof membrane additive which speeds up the curing time when added to one and two coat membranes.

Ultra DPM IT one and Ultra DPM IT two: waterproof surface membranes for cement-based surfaces.

Ultra Feather IT: is a smoothing and patching compound without the need for a primer. It can also be used as a scratch coat and can withstand footfall just one hour after application.

Ultra Level IT: an internal floor leveller and filler with smoothing properties.

Ultra Patch It Rapid 45: a rapid drying slump-free, hole filling mortar.

If you can’t find the screed or primer you are looking for there why not visit our trade counter and showroom at Sharston Industrial Estate, Manchester? Or call us on 0161 945 3437 and we can help advise you as to the best tools for your specific job.

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