Why do I need to use underlay?

Flooring underlay is used to provide comfort underfoot, reduce wear and provide insulation, usually against sound, moisture and heat.

Popular carpet underlay includes foam rubber, crumb rubber, felt and cork.

Vinyl underlay is often a thin layer of plywood which creates a smooth platform on which to lay the vinyl sheet.

Underlay for laminate floors act as a vapour barrier to prevent moisture coming up through the floor and damaging the wood. Typical underlay for timber floors is closed cell plastic foam.

Ceramic tile underlay need to be treated with care. If the material underneath the tile is too soft, it may cause the tile to move and ultimately crack. Suitable underlay for ceramic tiles include cement and waterproof isolation membranes usually made from polypropylene or polyethylene. These are particulalry recommended for installations in bathrooms and spaces where the tiles may be in regular contact with water. The tiles themselves are not waterproof and so the material underneath them needs to be.

We stock all types of flooring underlay at our trade counter. If you need any help selecting the correct underlay for your floor project please call us on 0161 945 3437, we’d be happy to help you.

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