Why is stair nosing installation important?

You may think that stair nosing installation is just a question of aesthetics, because in a way it is, but considering that over 100,000 injuries are reported every year on non-domestic stairs it starts to look necessary. Some of those accidents can have severe consequences which you can reduce by using stair nosings.

stair nosing installationStair nosing provides slip-resistance at the edge of the step which on rainy days becomes can get slippery very quickly. Stair nosing also provides a visual contrast to highlight the edge of the step making people aware of the distance between each step preventing possible trips.

As well as the safety advantages of using stair nosings, it is also helps to protect the step edge and the surrounding floor coverings, reducing the maintenance costs.

At Branagan Flooring Services we offer a wide variety of stair nosings to satisfy all types of stairs styles and necessities, all of which can be found at our trade counter and showroom at Sharston Industrial Estate, Manchester.

Read about a recent example of our own stair nosing installation project at the University of Manchester’s Michael Smith building.

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