High durability flooring for University of Manchester

Sector: Education

Our long-running association with the University of Manchester continues with our appointment to lay new high durability flooring on an important service corridor in one of the main campus buildings.

The Simon Building, home to the engineering faculty, required a new surface for a busy service corridor in the basement. The passageway leads to the two main lecture theatres and suffers from a lot of foot traffic. The brief handed to us requested a floor that was robust enough to withstand heavy use, yet easy to clean and maintain.

We selected nora® Rubber for the job. nora® flooring meets the high demands of busy work places using ergonomic, sound absorbent and stain and slip resistant technologies. This corridor will experience 1000+ visitors each week and the high durability of the floor means it will continue to provide a comfortable, safe and quiet environment for this busy space.

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