Branagan flooring contractors onsite with Seddon Construction

Our professional team of flooring contractors are working on another project with Seddon.

As part of our continued collaborative work with the national construction company, we are currently working with them on a project at Manor Hall, Centre for Trauma near Stirling in Scotland.

The client, who offer expert treatment for people who have experienced psychological trauma, are undergoing a large-scale refurbishment with Seddon’s. From our part, we are renewing the flooring at the site. Our flooring contractors are fitting two types of coverings; Gradus Genus and Tarasafe™ vinyl.

Genus was selected for its high performance and levels of styling. It combines durability and easy maintenance across a variety of environments making it an ideal choice for a wide range of interiors including healthcare.

Tarasafe™ Standard is a slip resistant vinyl floor covering with a pure PVC wear layer and deeply inlaid mineral crystal particles. It is reinforced with a glass fibre grid in sheet form and treated with antibacterial and fungicidal additives. An ideal solution for heavy traffic and public areas where enhanced slip resistance, durability, hygiene and easy maintenance is required.

The project is ongoing and our flooring contractors will be onsite until the end of January 2015.

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