Tatton Cinema, Gatley

Tatton Cinema, Gatley – Rowlinson Constructions Ltd

We’re reel-ly chuffed with this gig!

If you’re local, you’ll know this building well. You might even remember running out of the side door crying when you first saw E.T. for the very first time, as a child in 1982 …

As a child, though, you might not have appreciated the gorgeousness of the art deco listed façade. Or the fact that it used to be a theatre. That it’d been around since 1930.

As an adult, you might just have felt a bit sad that it had been sitting around, rotting away for years, in plain sight.

Fortunately, Stockport Housing Association has bought the site. Now showing – 7 apartments for shared ownership and 26 apartments for rent for the over 55’s. Result!

Branagan Flooring fitted Interface Employ Loop, Burmatex 7700 Grimebuster, Polyflor Forest FX & Polysafe Hydro – safe, durable, non-slip and good-looking.

David Chilton, MD of Rowlinson Construction Ltd, who did the conversion, quite rightly points out that “…the development has certainly been a long time coming for the community.”

But good things come to those who wait. (Even E.T. got there in the end.)

If you’re reviving an old space, or planning flooring for a new one, and you want it to be an award-winner, get in touch with us here at Branagan Flooring. We’re on 0161 945 3437.

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