The latest in interactive flooring: Light Transmissive Carpet

There have been some smart innovations in flooring materials over the past decade such as anti-slip technology used in swimming pools for example but even we were blown away by the development of interactive flooring known as ‘Light Transmissive Carpet’.

The brain-child of boffins at Desso and Philips, this pioneering product cleverly combines LED lighting with light transmissive carpet and the results are endless. The technology “takes advantage of the tendency to be guided by the floor when moving through a space and can be used to provide directional information, the latest business news or safety exits.” says Ed Huibers, Marketing and Sales Director, at Philips Lighting.

“It can also display videos, infographics, logos, be used to share and celebrate an occasion, highlight an important guest – or simply inform visitors of the current waiting time. Creativity and imagination are the only limitations to its application.”

Type ‘Light Transmissive Carpet’ into Google images and you’ll get an idea of how the innovative technology can be used.

Read more about Light Transmissive Carpet, which has just won Mix Interior’s Product of the Year Award at the year’s Mixology Awards.

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